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Spruce Up Your Office This Christmas With These Decor Ideas

Getting in the holiday spirit is easy, even if you are (stuck) at the office. This time of the year is great if you want to see some of the best Christmas decor ideas for you office and add the much-needed cheer to your workspace.

If you are wondering how to do it, below we are listing the best Christmas interior design trends for offices and workspaces. So, let’s get started on making your desk a little more merry.

Step 1: Fix Up Your Floor

Putting on a Christmas tree is the obvious no-brainer here, but let’s dig a little deeper and see the best floor ideas.

The truth is, a Christmas tree in the office is as good as the space around it. You should ideally place it in an area that sees less foot traffic and decorate it with lights, ornaments and other traditional stuff. If you don’t have the time or money for this, you can even add some office supplies like highlighters and post-it notes.

Step 2: Festive Wall Ideas

Your wall is the best place for Christmas joys. You can deck the halls or at least the hallway - or the walls in your office. A splash of red and green would go great with just anything. A pro tip here is to mount your wreaths with some removable adhesive hooks (you don’t want to damage your walls after all).

Other ideas include stockings on your walls - they can be functional as well by holding pens, staples, notepads and other things that you need at your workspace.

Step 3: Put Up Some Garlands

Yes, this is what makes a season jolly. Garlands are among some of the best Christmas office decor tips and can be your best way to add holiday flair without putting too much decorations out there. Over the wall, behind your desk, along the top of your cubicle...Any place is good for some Christmas garlands.

Step 4: Spruce Up Your Desk

If you don’t like the idea of a standard (corner) office Christmas tree, why not place a miniature one in the corner of our desk? You can liven up the greenery and make it feel like a piece of your home.

Step 5: Other Cheerful Touches

Oversized ornaments, fluorescent lights, long strips of ribbon and holiday hangings - these are some of the best office Christmas decorations which you can secure easily and with a small strip of clear tape.

We hope these Christmas office decor tips will help you have a jolly season at the office! Contact LDB Design for office interior design projects.

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