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Institutional interior design involves in depth programming, planning, design, and management of space used by public and private organizations.  As a Toronto interior design company, LDB design focuses on combining aesthetic design with specific charters, mandates, regulations and requirements of the institution. 
LDB design provides workplace solutions to a wide range of markets including commercial, government, educational and healthcare organizations.
Institutional interior design is a very important 
part of a building's organization. Although the look of an educational, medical or financial facility may not seem relevant, it actually is. The area provided for visitors, employees, and organization members can nurture many different things.  Whatever the purpose is, LDB design incorporates an institutional interior design that pushes for success. 
LDB design has designed institutional interiors within Toronto  and North America. Our focus is to make beautiful, functional interiors that follow various regulations and requirements. 
We have complete services to design the optimal institutional interior space by:
  • Programming
  • Building Consultation
  • Site Assessment
  • Sustainable Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Feasibility Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction Documentation
  • Bid Negotiation
  • Custom Furnishings and Millwork
  • Construction Administration
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