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10 Basic Principles Of Industrial Interior Design

Offices which have industrial interior design are seen as a portal to a different environment. As we noted in our 2020 office interior decor trends post, the goal of the 21st century office is to look more relaxed and hip than ever before.

And how did industrial interior design became a trend?

Industrial workplace kitchen
Industrial Design - LDB Design

The truth is, it is all in its origins. Old abandoned industrial buildings were always an affordable way to buy a property. Therefore, many artists saw this as an opportunity and gave home and office owners a chance to save on costs while enjoying their new artistic hubs. The look became very fashionable because it is based on vintage items which are both affordable and sustainable.

The goal when trying out industrial interior design is to have a twist of elements and mesmerize everyone with your looks. Below, we are listing the main principles of this philosophy.

1.Wooden materials and brick walls - This is the cornerstone of industrial interior design for offices as we know it. A brick wall coupled with a nice wood furniture will give a unique look to any room.

2.Beautifully worked ceilings - You can mix and match your brick walls with darker tones for your office ceiling. Shades of gray, black and dark brown can all go well with these staples.

3.Use lighter tones too - If you want a more relaxed vibe, you can use lighter tones as a great way to accent the mix of dark browns with lighter shades.

4.Bronze is your friend - Details of bronze go amazingly well with dark brown and gray. All of this will help you complement that industrial look.

5.Lighting can make things look even better - Lighting is an important part of industrial commercial interior design. Make sure to include dimmed lights in order to achieve the best look.

6.You don’t have to use browns - If you thought that bricks and browns are the staples of industrial design, you are wrong. You can achieve this trend with using black, gray and white, too. There are hundreds of great examples of offices which use these colors along with a pop of a brighter color in some of their accents.

7.Contrast is the key- As we already mentioned, contrasting your colors and materials is the best way to achieve the industrial look. You have to neat this in the right way, or you may be left with only brown shades and materials which do not go together.

8.Pipes and metals- Pipes are an element that screams industrial and is meant to hang above the walls. However, too much of them can break the looks too. Aim to place them in a natural way without overexposing them.

9.Clean lines and nature - Clear lines and inspiration from nature is good, too. By this, we mean boxed furniture, square shelves as well as dark green plants (which go great with dark browns).

10.Open plans - The aestheticity of industrial decor in offices comes from the open plan. Your workspace needs to be more open and exposing the existing architectural features.

Concrete, rough wood, bricks, grays and browns - this is one way to define industrial office decor this year. If you want to transform your office into an industrial loft, start embracing the tips above, get some inspiration by looking at photos online and you will discover its authenticity. And if you need help, contact LDB design!

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