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How To Blend The Art Deco Movement In Your Office’s Interior?

Let’s face it - the Art Deco Movement is one of the most influential and eternal ways of designing interior and exterior places. Symmetrical, geometric, streamlined and often pleasing, it is incorporated in interiors, lobbies and offices to date.

While the world of fashion was once the driving force of the Art Deco era, today there are many influences in the so-called “revolutionary” movement that reinvented style in the modern age. Because of that, many interior designers are still enforcing the Art Deco approach when working on office interiors.

Do you love the reemergence of the Art Deco interiors?

If yes is your answer, you are not alone. And if Art Deco doesn't ring a bell for you, it is one of the most prominent visual and influential movements in arts in design which emerged in France after World War I. It is known for the French, Egyptian and Mediterranean touches on geometry and vibrant colors.

Nowadays, many interior designers and art galleries have pieces that are in line with the Art Deco era - once again proving that this movement is eternal and still can be used in living and working areas.

Below, we are listing the seven hot trends that you can adopt too.

Bold Geometric Office Interior Design

1. Bold Geometric Design Is IN

Yes, Art Deco puts a focus on bold and geometric shapes and designs. They can give your office a facelift and bring a special flair, making it alive. You can start with a bold wallpaper that has appeal and revitalize the wall with a great painting from any of your nearest art galleries.

2. Lifestyle And Travel Can Be Both In Your office

Art Deco is all about movement - whether it's a lifestyle movement or a travel one. In fact, travel was a hot topic in the 1930's and ahead of becoming mainstream. Exotic finishes and animal prints were emerging - mostly from the African safaris and getaway locations. The bold use of materials is still used nowadays as an influence- featuring shiny fabrics, metallic art paints and mirrors bringing the Art Deco look in your office.

Reception Lobby with Art Deco

3. Artwork And Sculptures In Your Art Deco Interiors

Buying artwork can be the first step towards blending in the Art Deco era in your interior. The influence started during the 30s and 40s - where finely detailed furniture simply wasn't everything. Bold artwork and sculptures have always fitted great in every room.

4. Cosmopolitan Art Deco Touches That Add Drama

Yes, in the end of the 40s - Art Deco transformed a bit and entered a new Cosmopolitan phase. Everything that was bold got a better look and got even bolder. Luckily, the influence is still here - and is best interpreted with bold furniture, distinct lines and visual drama accompanied by silky fabrics and royal artworks.

5. Neutral Finishes In Your Interior Design

If you want the artwork that you bought to really stand out, the best way is to accent it with neutral finishes all over the interior design in your office. This is the early Hollywood approach - where luxurious, shiny, lavish and soft materials were used to reinforce the artistic touch.

Art Deco for office kitchen or cafeteria

6. Bringing Art Deco Styling From The Metropolitan Cities You Love

If you are visiting a big city known for its influence in the Art Deco era, you can swing by some of the famous art galleries and get an artwork that actually brings a memory on your wall. This is totally in line with the Art Deco movement, which triggered the travel industry in the 30s and 40s and collected masterpieces from all around the world.

7. Living Art Deco Is Not Only For The Elite

Art Deco is not something reserved for the elite. It can be blended well into commercial or residential interior design. Furthermore, this movement has the glitz and glam appeal to make every space unique and give a sense of art. Obviously, with wall art or a form of painting in the first place.

Ready To Design An Art Deco Office?

The best way to start incorporating the Art Deco movement in your office is with buying an artwork, sculpture or any focal point that represents it in depth. After that, you can reorganize or design your office space as you’d like. However, it is important to create a balance and not mix this approach with too many modern parts.

For the best results, you can always consult with LDB design... we are interior designers with knowledge and experience to bring your office to life.

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