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The Hottest Office Design Trends In 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is here and just like everywhere, trends about your office interior decor are already out.

If you have been following the latest office decor trends for a while now, you probably know that there is no set of rules for designing a great looking workspace. However, there are a couple of features which have emerged and define a cool office in 2020.

Below, we are listing some of the best ways to design a trendy workspace.

Combine Old And New

Design experts agree that cookie-cutter offices are not trending anymore. More popular nowadays are offices with decor that keeps the guts out of the original space and overlays them with vintage elements. This is how to make them modern and in line with the company’s personality.

There is no denying that a 21st century office is one that looks great and feels great. And while we are at the looks, they should definitely incorporate some “oldies goldies” too.

Make Your Seating Flexible

Your office needs to be as functional as possible. This is one of the best interior design rules for offices in 2020. A small but growing number of offices are doing away with assigned seating, letting their employees choose their view on any given day.

So, the best way to adopt this trend is to offer a variety of individual seating options throughout your office. Thanks to the variety of different styles of seat nowadays, you can mix and match and make your office cooler - and yes, more flexible.

Use Color Blocking

Have you heard of color blocking?

It’s a major trend and a concept that is very popular in the fashion world. The good news is that you can use it in office interiors, too.

The idea basically revolves around the combinations of solid colors which are far apart on the color wheel. Fresh and eye-catching, you can mix bright pinks against greens, blues against yellow and orange and similar variations. Your office decor will be more stylish and hip, all while creating a look that is visually stimulating (especially when seen at a distance).

Non-Office Designs

We’ll keep this interior design office trend for the bravest…

When creating your new office, you can try using cues from other offices - but spaces such as hotels, lobbies and gyms. In new office lounges, sterile lighting and couches bought from big box stores have been replaced with mood lighting and cozy furniture. So much that you will be pressed to even call yours an office.

We hope that these office interior design trends will help you embrace what 2020 has to bring and give your workspace the vibe it deserves. And if you need help on ideas and concepts for your business, feel free to reach out to us at LDB Design.

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