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Tips for Interior Design

Interior design utilizes research, analysis, and knowledge to enhance the creative process. A good interior design company evaluates the needs and resources of the client, then produces an interior space that meets project goals. Once you’ve chosen an interior designer, they become responsible for design, decoration and functionality of the client’s designated space.

When choosing an interior design company, you’ll want them to have good communication skills and be able to work with your budget. They should also have knowledge in the electrical capacity, as well as safety and construction, which distinguishes them from interior decorators. Be sure your interior designer has a bachelor’s degree and a healthy portfolio before entering into a contract.

While most designers work in both areas, some designers and companies focus on either the residential or commercial field. In the commercial field, companies such as LDB Design in Toronto, Ontario, focuses on corporate and institutional design and work to create spaces that are fully utilized while creating a productive and appealing work environment. They oversee the construction or renovation of a commercial space, addressing issues such as building materials, wall placement, plumbing and power.

Commercial interior design experts can work with small spaces or large, from a small lobby to national corporate facilities. Every project, any size, is handled by a detail-oriented professional.

Most projects begin with field verification, taking all the measurements at the work site to determine the dimensions of the existing space. Basic plans will start from these measurements. Known as “as-is” or “as-built” drawings, they create the basis for the entire project.

Your interior design expert will begin by adapting the existing floor plan to a new scheme, using some existing elements, removing some and adding new touches and architecture. Once the plans are accepted by the client, the designer will begin preliminary details, such as acquiring building permits. Once the process is underway, your designer will communicate with you and ensure the process is expedient while handling any issues that may arise.

Aesthetics are a major part of interior design at LDB Design in Toronto, Ontario. Your interior design expert should understand exactly what you expect of your project. If you need suggestions and don’t already have an image in your mind of how you want your space to look, ask your designer to show you some options. With a good eye, your designer can help you choose colors and patterns, materials, and locations that will be functional and pleasing to the eye.

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