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Institutional Interior Design that Wows Your Customers

Institutional interior design is a big part of your firm’s identity. It tells customers what they can expect of you when they walk in the door, so it is vital that you’ve got a space that really speaks to your target customers. Many people think just anyone can slap some paint on a wall and call it interior design, but smart institutional interior design is about creating an environment that creates efficiency, intelligence, and trust in what you have to offer.

Here are three questions you should be asking yourself as you embark on a journey of institutional interior design for your business:

  1. What do local building regulations say?

If you aren’t up to date on local building regulations, then you should not be doing any redecorating, especially if it involves things like moving or removing walls, rewiring electricity, or adding plumbing. A professional institutional interior designer is up to date on what the local laws say about what you can and can’t do in your building space.

  1. What do you want your space to say?

The message of your building is probably the most important element of institutional interior design. Take a few moments and consider what you want your customers to say about you when they walk into your space. Obviously you want them to see that you’re really in touch with what’s hip, but you also want to evoke a sense of confidence. In other words, you want a classy interior that does not question your maturity level. But then the next step is about whether you want to be elegant, classic, modern, contemporary, or country. The kind of business you have makes a major difference in exactly what style you need, so talk it over with a professional in the field of institutional interior design for more ideas.

  1. What colours do you favour?

Finally, ask yourself what colours you would like to see. They should be something dealing with the personality and style of your business. If possible, incorporate shades from your company logo into the atmosphere. If that doesn’t really work, there are numerous other places to find colour ideas from.

When in doubt, it is always best to have a professional who does institutional interior design help you go through all of these questions and make the best decision about your institutional building’s décor. LDB Design provides institutional interior design in the Ontario area.

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