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Modernism Meets Tradition

One of the best things about interior design is the fact that it always seems to be changing and growing. One style leads naturally into the next, and that one leads naturally into the one after it. As interior designers, we love to watch trends grow upon each other over time, and we are thankful that we do not have the drastic turnabouts that are common in the fashion industry.

However, right now we are seeing something very interesting happening within the interior design industry. You may think modernism and traditionalism are two opposite ends of the spectrum, but today they are coming together and creating unique and inviting spaces that anyone can be proud of.

New Color Palates

One of the most interesting aspects of this design revolution is the remarkable combination of colors we are seeing. Years ago, you would never pair earth tones like greens and browns with bright purple, pink, or blue, but today this is a look often seen and much sought-after. Indeed, it is almost as if the fact that we never used to put these colors together in quite this same way makes it perfectly natural that we should want to do so now. After all, the only way we can develop new designs is by trying something new, and with the way modernism and traditionalism are coming together right now in the design sphere, you could almost say that we have finally come to the place where anything goes. But the color palates aren’t the only thing changing right now.

The Impact of Sustainability

Sustainability is also playing a major role in the interior design industry as a whole. Over the past several years, we have seen a continued push toward greener and more sustainable design elements. We are all worried about the future of our planet, and it really is starting to show in the way we design our spaces.

Because of how important sustainability has become, found objects and items that otherwise might have been thrown away are now making a comeback. Antiques are also landing in some of the classiest offices in the world, and these antiques are usually paired with modernistic elements like bright colors or modern textures or patterns that highlight the use of the antique piece. We want to highlight the fact that we are re-using items because it is trendy to do so, and the best way to highlight these items is to bring them up to date rapidly by incorporating some modernistic pizzazz.


Let’s also think for a moment about texture. Some textures take us to the past, while others definitely are firmly entrenched in modern times. But the good news about textures these days is the fact that you can combine many different textures together in the same room. Once again, just about anything goes. Traditional textures like woven or crocheted pieces are back now with a modern twist, bringing a lot of character along with them.

Lots of Surprises

Probably the one element that stands out in spaces where modernism and traditionalism collide is the fact that there are plenty of surprises. While traditionalism typically eliminates surprises altogether, merely seeing traditional elements and styles meshing successfully with modern patterns and colors is a major surprise that you will enjoy and won’t forget anytime soon.

LBD Design can help you create a professional and inviting office space, whether you’re looking for a modernist approach, a traditional style, or anything in between. They specialize in commercial and institutional interior design, focusing not only on what works, but also ways to make the most of the space you have. Functionality is just as important as style these days, and both work together to create a space that any customer or client will feel right at home in.

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