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Using Space Wisely: What to Do with Small Spaces

If you’ve been looking around your office and just wishing you had more space to work with, you’re not alone. It never seems like offices provide enough space! So how can you do business in such a small area?

Here are several ideas to help you out:

  • For spaces that just feel cramped, look for furniture that makes the room appear larger. Long, thin legs on your chairs, desk, tables, and other furniture give the appearance of more space because they lift the weight of the furniture up off the ground. Also opt for open shelving or cabinets because they open up the room by removing barriers, which can make the space feel even more crowded than it is.

  • Take a minimalist approach by reducing the amount of furniture you have in the space. This tip may seem like common sense, but it really isn’t. Take a good, hard look at what you have in the space and think about what you really need. Perhaps you need a chair for a client or employee to sit in, but do you really need the table that sits next to it?

  • When dealing with big, white walls that seem to swallow up anything artistic you hang on them, try painting a bigger frame on the wall to surround the artwork. This will give your office space the appearance of an art gallery even though the walls are very plain.

  • If you’re renting or leasing an office space and are not permitted to paint the walls, use the floor to bring some colour into your space. Purchase a colourful rug to invite personality and variety into an otherwise dull space.

  • For those who have furniture that looks as cheap as it is, consider covering the fake wood with black paint. This is a truly elegant way to elevate your furniture even if you didn’t spend a lot of money on it.

  • Some offices have windows that just seem to face the wrong way. If this is one of the design problems you’re dealing with, then consider putting up Roman shades to block the sun. They’re stylish and chic. You might also consider fashioning your own Roman shades by using basic plastic blinds (especially if they’re already provided by the company you are renting or leasing from) and some fabric. Check with a designer for the best way to do this.

Even the smallest office spaces can be fabulous and seem much larger than they are if you know what you’re doing. These simple tips will give you some guidance, but they can’t replace the advice of an experienced, professional designer. If you really want to find ways to open up your office space, contact a professional and discover just how much room you really have. They will help you not only implement the tips we have provided, but also come up with creative solutions to all of the other problems that currently plague your office space.

Lucia De Biasio - Commercial Interior Designer

Let LDB Design help you figure out the best way to use your small space. They specialise in commercial and institutional interior design, including spatial solutions for lobbies, offices, government buildings, medical offices, transportation facilities, and other institutional locations. They aim to deliver their customers’ visions through classic, timeless, and inspired designs. Services from LDB Design include programming, building consultation, site assessment, sustainable design, schematic design, design development, feasibility planning, project management, construction documentation, bid negotiation, and more. Call LDB Design today and find out just how much you can get out of the small space you have to work with.

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