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Hotel Lobby Design Tips

Seamarq Hotel by Richard Meier

When guests step into a hotel lobby, the first impression is everything. The lobby of any hotel should show off that hotel’s personality. It tells guests what to expect when they arrive in their rooms. Lobbies can be interesting, inviting, snooty, or almost any other description you want to apply to it. The best hotel lobbies indicate to guests that they can be comfortable while staying with you. They must not only be functional, but also have a form that is pleasing. They also must give guests a sense of your hotel brand. So how do you create the perfect first impression in your lobby?

Here are several interior design tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. Begin by thinking about who your potential guests are. Who is going to think about walking into your hotel to get a room? Do you expect families rather than individuals? Are you targeting couples on vacation or business travellers? Each demographic has specific needs and wants to see different things when they walk in. Look for ways to cater specifically to your target guest.

  2. Make your hotel lobby unique. You want your hotel to be “the one that has….” Just fill in the blank. A lobby should be more than just a gateway for people to enter into your hotel. It should also be an environment that makes guests want to stop and explore it. You can do this through simple features like artwork that’s inspirational, the addition of an ice cream stand for children, special lighting, colorful fish tanks, or anything else you can think of that will set your hotel apart, especially for the demographic you wish to serve.

  3. The lobby must be the home for the check-in desk, waiting area, and other necessary features. But you should also create a place for people to gather socially. If you get a lot of business travellers, make sure there are plenty of outlets for laptop computers and free Wi-Fi. If you get a lot of singles on vacation, you might look for ways to tie the lobby in with your hotel bar.

  4. Your hotel lobby should also be an additional source of revenue. Add shops and other services that are unique and interesting and that make your guests want to spend even more money with you. A coffee shop, snack bar, and gift shop are all perfect additions to hotel lobbies. Just use your target demographic to determine which revenue stream would be most lucrative for your hotel.

  5. Check out your lobby’s overall structure and look for ways to improve on it. The best lobbies are large and spacious, but be careful that there isn’t too much space. You might think about creating different stations for a variety of activities. Look for ways to incorporate the building’s unique architecture into the overall design of the lobby. Get an expert to help you minimize the problems and accentuate the positive details.

Let the experts at LDB Design help you create the perfect hotel lobby. They specialize in institutional and commercial interior design. They also create spatial solutions for government buildings, medical offices, lobbies, and more. Their approach to all projects is threefold and uses the Affinity Process, which involves knowledge, creativity, and respect. Knowledge enables them to not only understand the needs of their clients but also add in details about sustainable design, building codes, best practices for construction, and architecture. Creativity involves taking the needs of clients and finding solutions that may require some out-of-the-box thinking. Respect involves a complete understanding of the unique challenges each client faces. For more information, contact LDB Design.

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