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Design Tips for Your Office Cafeteria

Grupo Gallegos Cafeteria by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Creating a cafeteria in the workplace adds some life to the surroundings. Not only do employees get to enjoy their meals, but they also get a space to gossip and just take a break from their work. Though a cafeteria is not a necessity, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important for you to have one in your workplace. In our experience as corporate cafeteria interior designers, we have seen the positive impact it has on employees.

Your aim should be to create a perfect theme in the office cafeteria to make your employees feel relaxed and welcome. There are numerous factors which go into achieving that, and those include;


The first thing you should keep in mind is that your employees should feel comfortable in the cafeteria. There are a number of factors that contribute to the level of comfort they enjoy, such as:

  • Space - The cafeteria has to be spacious with enough room to walk freely and sit relaxed.

  • Choice of Furniture - The furniture should be made keeping ergonomic considerations in mind.

  • Lighting and Temperature - The lighting and temperature of the room have to be warm and inviting.

These factors will determine how willing your employees are to visit the cafeteria for lunch or for a quick snack.


Hygiene is perhaps the most important consideration of all. You are bound by law to make sure that the cafeteria is clean and hygienic and that the food is prepared in safe conditions. After all, lack of hygiene could cause health problems for your employees, leading to a decrease in productivity as well as the risk of a lawsuit. Though hygiene is not purely related to interior design, our extensive experience in creating office cafeterias enables us to provide valuable insight on the matter.


Believe it or not, the colour on the walls and surroundings helps create the perfect eating environment. When it comes to choosing colours, the usual suspects are your best bet. These include red, blue and green, and you can throw in a dash of yellow as well. On the other hand, you can also choose to have the colours of your business logo painted on the cafeteria walls. This way, the cafeteria will truly become a part of the workplace rather than just a mere addition.


It is not a bad idea to have some form of entertainment for your employees in the cafeteria. The most convenient option in this regard is installing a large-screen television on the wall. This will surely create a relaxing atmosphere and make your employees feel as if they are in a home-like environment. You can also have soft background music or even a jukebox present in the cafeteria, though that might appear too eclectic. If your business allows you to do so, why not give it a go?


Last, but not the least, is the furniture you install in the cafeteria. You will need more than just chairs and tables. It is a good idea to have booths installed as they are more comfortable and provide greater privacy as well. You can also have couches, bean bags, or any other kind of seats you feel will go well with the theme of your office cafeteria.

These are the main factors you have to consider for the interior design of your office cafeteria. However, they’re not everything you need. Besides, as you have ample work on your shoulders already, the last thing you need is to worry about this small detail. So, if you want a full-fledged office cafeteria created with minimum hassle, contact LDB Design. We specialize in commercial and institutional interior design. We will send over our team to consult with you and come up with ideas for your cafeteria. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will have it ready in no time at all!

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