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Current Design Trends for Commercial Spaces:  7 Trends to Try

Commercial Interior Design Toronto - LDB Design

It can be challenging to design a great space for a commercial property. There are a lot of requirements at play. The space must be functional; it must be cost-effective; it must be inviting to clients and visitors; and it must provide for efficient operation of the workspace. In addition to these requirements, you have trends that are constantly changing. In order for a workspace to appear modern and current, business owners want their interiors to reflect current trends. An outdated décor could give clients and visitors the impression that the business is not up to date with their own business area, either.

Here are 7 trends to try that can be easily implemented to make commercial spaces current, functional, and appealing.

  1. Use deep, cooling tones. Inspired by nature, deep cooling tones are very on point right now. These cooling tones offer a great color palette from which to choose, since they also tend to be neutral and calming. Shades of gray are a great option, particularly those with a bit of green in them. You can easily pair them with shades of ivory and beige to create balance. If the space is looking a little too cool, you can warm it up with a bright pop of red or green.

  2. Geometric patterns, particularly in a large scale, are all the rage. In the past, patterns used in commercial spaces are typically of a much smaller scale. Patterns are making a shift to much larger scale and are popping up in all sorts of commercial spaces. For an interesting pattern that isn’t overwhelming, try a chevron or herringbone in a soft color. This can really make an impression on visitors and help your space to stand out from other bland commercial spaces.

  3. There was a time when the major determining factor for purchasing office furniture was the price. Today, although businesses don’t have unlimited budgets for furniture, there is more of a shift toward quality and comfort in office furniture. Businesses are looking for ergonomically designed furniture, like chairs with adjustable arm rests and head rests, and standing height desks. You will note the increasing demand for high-quality furniture as displayed by office furniture made from quality materials like wood and tempered glass.

  4. Commercial spaces tend to be quite neutral, and sometimes uninspired. However, there is an increasing desire by businesses to show some personality through their interior design. One way to do this is to add quirky touches, like mismatched floor tiles. Unique touches like this can make a bold statement that clients will remember.

  5. Don’t forget about function. This is, after all, a workspace that you are dealing with. You can incorporate functional touches in unexpected places with multi-purpose furniture. For example, try filing cabinets that contain hidden, slide-out seating, or chairs with arms that provide a surface for your tablet.

  6. Take the environmental impact of your design into consideration. An increasing number businesses are making attention to their environmental impact a priority. You can incorporate this into your design by using new materials, like photovoltaic glass. Windows made of photovoltaic glass collect solar energy that can be used by the commercial space.

  7. Many companies want to promote collaboration amongst their employees, which has fueled a trend toward open workspaces. Instead of separating each employee by a cubicle, opt for a more open workspace layout.

LDB Design is the best choice when it comes to designing your commercial space in Toronto. We specialize in designing commercial interiors, so contact us for assistance today.

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