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How to Choose Colours for the Office

Whether you are decorating a brand new office space or remodelling your existing space, one of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is what colour to paint the walls. Your choice of wall colour will influence many of your other décor choices, so it is worthwhile to take some time and choose the wall colour carefully. There is a bit of psychology behind colours; different colours create different atmospheres and have different effects on a person’s mood.

The type of office that you are decorating will also play a role in your colour selection; a colour that works for a banker’s office will not necessarily be a great choice for a doctor’s office or a beauty salon. When you are choosing colours for the office, think about the level of formality of the office and the demographics of your clients, including their age, gender, and cultural background.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you choose the best colours for the office.

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices, particularly those in a more serious profession, like attorneys, bankers, and accountants, often choose a natural, neutral colour palette. In these environments, you will usually see beige or cream wall colour complemented by wood finishes. This lends a formal, sophisticated air to the office, although it can also seem a bit dull.

Another good colour for the office when your business is a corporate office is blue. Blue represents honesty, wisdom, and confidence. You could also move one step along the rainbow to green, which represents wealth, security, and prestige. Both of these colours are excellent choices for corporate offices. Powerful colours like navy blue, dark green, and burgundy convey strength, formality, and confidence to your clients.

Reception Areas

A reception area should make your clients feel welcome, and your choice of colour can impact that impression. Soft shades of orange and yellow create a cheerful, happy and welcoming vibe. However, yellow can also exacerbate feelings of stress. If you are decorating a medical office, you may want to choose colours that have a calming effect, like blue or green. Pink will make clients feel pampered, so it is a good choice for salons and spas.

Office Space

The main work space in your office will require different colour choices than the reception area. In the main work space, you want to choose colours that will enhance productivity and imbue energy. While blue and green are calming colour choices, a large amount of those colours can actually decrease productivity in the office. Adding accents of red, orange, or yellow will improve the level of energy and productivity in the space. An excess of red can result in angry, aggressive atmosphere.

Training Rooms

Turquoise and yellow are great choices for a training or lecture room. Turquoise is calming, which is helpful for someone who is speaking publicly or making a presentation. Yellow helps participants to retain the information that is being presented to them. Adding some yellow to the focal point of the room, such as around or behind the dry erase board, will help to make your sessions more productive.

These tips on how to choose colours for the office should help to give you some direction as you are planning an office remodel or decorating a new space. You can get more help with your commercial interior design by contacting LDB Design. We specialise in commercial and institutional interior design. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you decorate your office space.

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