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Scandinavian Interior Design For Offices: What Is It & How To Achieve It?

Scandinavian Inspires Office - Dots NY

The Scandinavian interior design has always been known to the world as innovative, modern and timelessly beautiful. Whether it's Danish, Norwegian or Swedish inspired, the creativity along its lines has made it a office front of many corporate areas nowadays.

While some people see it as entirely modern and inspiring, others refer to this type as a ‘smart interior design’ that combines efficiency with timeless aesthetics. That way, it ensures that your productivity won’t take a hit just because you are in a traditional setup.

Perfect For Interior Revamps

If you are considering a revamp on your office interior, you should definitely have the Scandinavian interior design concepts in mind. Below, we are revealing more about them.

In times when the nature of work is evolving, we invest more and more time in front of our computers. The deadlines are increasingly urgent and everyone spends longer hours at the . In this new normal, our work environment takes higher importance and we want to feel comfortable and inspired at the same time.

This is where the Scandinavian interior design fits in perfectly well - and how it aims to achieve perfection while creating the right atmosphere in every . From the paintings on the walls to the murals, furniture and little details, this type of interior design uses pieces that are original and unique on their own.

Some of the focal points include:

  • Black, white and some colour - The Scandinavian interior design focuses on a mix of colours which is not too much. The core design principles of black and white are kept - and there is a blend of colour that secretly gives the productivity a push.

  • Productivity at its finest - If space is something that you have in your , you should know that the best way to make most of it is with this design type. After all, a Scandinavian style is a way of living - and definitely a way of working more productively.

  • A Simple Touch - Even if you lack space, the Scandinavian design can add a pop of colour to your tiny room and through its simple principles and bright colorus - make that tiny space look bigger.

Below, we are revealing more about the secrets of the Scandinavian interior style as well as how comfortable and inspiring it is.

The Secret Behind Its Originality

As you may know, Scandinavia, as a region suffers from poor sunlight which is the reason why the designers want to enhance it and inspire it within the comfort of the . The Scandinavian ideas always focus on filling up airy and well-lit rooms, whilst eliminating the dark shades and accenting the pastel light shades such as beige, white, light blue, soft yellow etc.

In fact, the bright pastel colorus and design are not the only secret behind the Scandinavian office ideas. The typical fabric which is used in designing the most interiors also comes with a difference - it is mostly present in cotton or linen and is either striped or checked. This gives the Scandinavian furniture a better contrast with the overall design and definitely complements its wholesome appearance.

Scandinavian Furniture: Designs, Colours And Types

When speaking about furniture, wood is a part of almost every one of the Scandinavian ideas. Basically, wood comes always as a priority, and whether it is pine, beach or ash wood, its excellent quality and sleek look are the main priorities to dominate the range of furniture.

When everything mixes up, the Scandinavian concept carves the office design to perfection with characterizing the furniture, triggering positivity and giving a nice mood and character to the whole in general. The best accessories to top off the whole Scandinavian look can vary from lamps and mirrors to chandeliers, candles and wreaths - which should be all placed without much density and in line with the rugs.

A Final Word

In the end, the Scandinavian office design is very unique and easily recognizable. Inspired by nature, sunlight and modern decor, the Scandinavian design ideas incorporate graphic patterns and pale colours resulting in a 'modern classic' look which reshapes the classic design elements with a modern flare. LDB Design continually researches, tests and implements each office design trends to become Toronto, Canada's leading office interior design firms.

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