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7 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes

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Nowadays, everyone is trying to create a dramatic effect in their office or , adopting various interior design principles and adapting them to their style, budget and taste. However, we are living in times when it is very easy to make a mistake and fail to create the “wow effect”.

So, whether you are beginning your interior design project or have just finished redesigning or redecorating your office/, there are many common mistakes you should know about. Below, we are listing some of the most common ones.

1.Not identifying the vision of your project

The first one of the interior design mistakes is related to the clarity of a project. Before you get started, you should carefully observe and see what is your main goal when improving your office, or any other area. However, visualizing the entire project from start to finish is what helps the most to prevent mistakes from happening. The more specific your details are - the greater the chance for a dramatic effect.

2.Not establishing a budget for the project

Identifying a budget for your interior design project is one of the first things you should do. The truth is, the cost for interior design can nowadays swing dramatically in terms of price. So, once that you established your budget, it is time to structure your project and see every detail that you need. As you go along, new ideas will be introduced and new concepts will be unveiled - which is why you need to stick to this budget.

3.Not capturing your ideas in a “design board”

The truth is, interior design ideas are like the wind - you need to capture all of them when they are going by. However, this is a mistake that many people practice - and yet an essential step in the entire process. A design board can help you put all your ideas and turn them into effective concepts. After all, a board like this will give you more ways to test new colours, fabrics, textures or ideas.

4.Failing to understand the principles of color, texture and effect

There are a lot of people nowadays who think of interior design as something that is entirely based on buying nice things and combining them together. However, that is not entirely true. Instead, interior design is a process in which you need to create “the wow effect”. In this process, you need to know the principles of layering colour, texture and effect. For example, the right wall colour and texture can make a tiny place appear bigger - and set the right effect in a particular room. There is truly an art to layering which is why you need to understand all of these principles.

5. “The importance of staging”

Known as the process of creating the right mood, ambiance and feelings - staging is a very important step to learn. Correctly staging an area that precedes your next area of opportunity will give you the well-desired “wow effect”.

If you have many colours, decorative items or visual confusion in this area - this will distract you from your unique spaces of opportunity. Staging will also create the maximum effect and control your visual emotion as you move through your office.

7.Not hiring an interior designer

Last but not the least is the mistake that is made by many people nowadays - and that is not hiring an interior designer to help them in the process. In times when everyone is interested in a good idea, an interior designer can help you discuss your ideas and your project in a professional way. You will be surprised by the level of knowledge and focus that these designers have and how they can help you create a dramatic finish in your office or

In the end, interior design is something that is best understood in practice. LDB Design hopes that the mistakes listed above will help you prevent chaos from happening in your office and - and that you will make the most of your interior design vision in your next project!

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