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How To Match Your Furniture And Wall Colors (Learning From Mistakes)

Office Walls and Furniture Decor

If you recently bought furniture in order to furnish your office - and realized it is the wrong color - you are not the only one. The truth is, many people can go wrong when buying furniture items for their office design, mostly because of the never-ending palette of colors.

How To Fix Your Interior Design Mistakes And Blend Your Furniture In

The best way to prevent finding out that your furniture is not a great fit for your room - is to get inspired before buying furniture (instead of after that). Luckily, there are fixes even if you bought a furniture that doesn’t fit in your office space.

Mistake #1: Going With Too Much Black And White

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to furniture and decor is thinking in black and white. While trying to be modern, most men (and women) don’t use color and think that black and white are neutral enough to be the main colors for the sofa, chair, kitchen elements, living room table set and even the TV or the projector. The end result is a look that is boring and artificial.

The best way to fix this mistake is by mixing black and white with yellow, red, chocolate brown or gray. All of these colors can complement your interior design well and help you accent your (black or white) furniture. For example, throwing two red and two striped pillows on a white furniture is one fix. Another one is buying a red clock and putting it next to your TV. It’s all in the details.

Mistake #2: Creating A Showroom Instead of A Living Office Room

Another common problem when it comes to the imbalance of furniture and wall colors is the showroom concept. Basically, this is something that has too much art and too many details - which can create a vice-versa effect than the one you desire.

The overuse of details can definitely break the harmony between your wall colors and furniture (even if there is harmony). On top of that, it can distort the angles and make your living room dull. So, the best way to fix it is to remove the overused details and focus on a couple of (focal) pieces with your wall as the perfect background to them.

Mistake #3: Making Your Furniture Into Wallflowers

Every commercial interior designer nowadays knows the right kind of balance that needs to be established in a office. One of the key elements towards establishing this balance is to balance the walls with the furniture. Now, buying wallflowers and pushing all of the furniture against the wall in a large room is what creates a imbalance (instead of the sitting spot that you wanted).

The best way to fix this mistake is by letting your furniture “float around” and positioning a few central places to work, lounge and relax from working and lounging. After all, this is the comfort everyone is looking for when decorating their office space.

Mistake #4: Spending Money (Where It Doesn’t Count)

If you are decorating on a budget, make sure to spend money on pieces that pack or punch or make a difference to your office decor. These can include a great rug, a piece of art, accent chairs, upholstery, lighting and key details. By any means, this doesn’t mean investing in a crocodile-leather sofa or spending tons of money on your board room table.

Believe it or not, you can achieve the perfect harmony even if you are on a tight budget - by focusing on your fundamentals and having a solid plan. Scaling, buying many items or putting too much art on your walls can only create the opposite effect and make your office space messy and small.

A Final Word

At LDB Design, Interior design is something that should come and go naturally. It is important due to its aesthetic value that it possesses in a given space - not to mention the strong and everlasting effect that it makes on your brand, personality, style and taste. At the end of the day, it is something that increases the value of your company, branding, services or office comfort and makes it look way more attractive and appealing to work at or be a part of.

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