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Cool Rooms And Offices For True Interior Hedonists

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Need some inspiration for your office - or just want to see some awesome spaces and rooms?

Whether you want to give your office rooms a face lift or just want to drool over the most awesome looking room tailored to your needs, today we are sharing 11 pictures of cool office spaces - each designed in a unique, modern and hedonistic way.

So, let’s begin.

1. This awesome looking office is where modern meets vintage - and creates a bright vibe and comfortable looking space. The dark walls and the vintage brown chair will definitely cheer you up - and the desk creates a symphony of colours.

2. If you are quite the minimalistic type, this awesome looking office will tickle your taste of perfection. White and gray have never looked so balanced and an office room has never look so comfy. The symmetry of the photos put to the wall and the impressive yet simple desk are definitely the details that make this cool place stand out.

3. This awesome office features colour that are all balanced around cream as the main one, and are perfectly harmonized in that way. As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a view outside the window - as long as you know how to make the office stand out with different shades of cream and spice things up with a nice office chair, the impressive circular shelves and the vintage office room table.

4. This is a perfect example of a drool-worthy space. We are not sure if it is the greenery that creates that balance or the vintage design inside the room (or the lighting fixtures), but there is something amazingly soothing in this awesome working space.

5. Ideally the coolest looking office for your little colleagues, this cool space features matte rose and cream white, combined in a luxurious way and balanced properly. Again, it’s all about the details.

6. Possibly the coolest working space you have ever seen, right? This amazing office perfectly accents the monochromatic design with black, white and grey mixed well. The floor is also worth mentioning - especially because of the Batman-like ambiance it gives.

7. Small office spaces are definitely a tough pill to swallow when it comes to interior design. However, there are tons of cool spaces and ideas you can use about your tiny room and this is a great example of how you can organize things in it and make sure it is practical and modern. The different shades of gray and white certainly open up the space.

8. Brace yourselves, the ideal urban cool space is here. This office is in the list of most awesome spaces according to many interior designers - probably because of the great harmony of colours. In fact, these colours are so hard to be matched which is another reason why you should look up to this awesome office space.

9. You may not have a working room that is so spacious, but this is one of the coolest office spaces you’ll see up to date. Harmonious, open and with a vintage vibe, this living space has all you need for a productive day.

10. Industrial design fans with small office spaces, this is how you make the most of your working area. As you can see, the hip vibe here is strong and although this is a tiny looking space, it opens things up and makes it practical.

11. Green and brown are not the most common combination in working spaces, but if done right, they can result in the coolest office. This example features a comfy chair and nice looking wall, all in the green-wood combination detailed with shelves, plants and wall art.

We hope you liked our cool office spaces picks!

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