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Style Your Office In A Hip Way This Summer With These Interior Design Ideas

The months of June and July brought a lot of joy in our lives. With the summer being up mostly every day of the week, it is time for a change in your lifestyle and habits. Now, the best way to facilitate such change is through your interior design.

As seasons come and go, you need to adapt to them and set different moods in order to be productive. Summer are months when colour and texture dominate - and this is definitely what the best interior design trends in 2019 look like.

Below, we are sharing every single interior design trend you need to know of this year - and showing you how to rearrange and re-organise your office in a completely new way.


Nothing brings the summer better than embellishments this year. Tassels, feathers, macrame, name it. There are many ideas of embellishments like these which can be incorporated onto cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and accessories.

What’s great about this interior design trend is the fact that it adds a wonderful handmade quality to each room in your office - all while amazing your guests.

Ice Cream Colors

The summer-like gelato colours are in this season in both interiors and fashion. In interior design, choosing your favourite flavor of ice cream and incorporating it into your office can be a fun experience. However, the best results are achieved when you have them all - in a plate of ice cream colours incorporated into your office.

If you are feeling brave, you can incorporate a nice ice cream colour on your wall. And if you want to play it safe, invest in accessories such as wisps, chairs and paintings that feature these bright and vivid colours.

Geometric Shapes

Geometrics were a popular interior design trend in 2018 - and are still dominating this year. Some of the best designs can be seen on cushions, rugs, tiles, wallpaper and art. When it comes to their actual uniqueness, geometrics are popular because they create a minimalistic balance with simple elements and can be used in every room, or area.

This year, geometrics can be seen on wallpapers, tiles and art - creating a bold and striking effect everywhere from bathroom floors to wall ceilings.


You may think of foliage in the living room as a quite messy plant. However, the humble house plant is very popular this year because of the many health benefits that it provides. When it comes to it being incorporated in the interior design trends, foliage can create a stunning effect in every living room - especially if it’s used as a hanging plant or positioned on shelves.

Combining this plant with textured rugs, stripy green cushions and stylish pendants can give you a modern look.

Indigo Blues

The indigo blue colour comes as an antidote to the pastel tones. The truth is, painting a couple of accessories in this room or accessorising with vases and flowers can help you vary the heights and widths to create interesting displays.

These can include everything from textured pottery cups, medium-pressed diamond vases, lanterns or small tables.

Ombre (Shade)

Last but not the least in the list of summer interior design trends for 2019 is ombre. The meaning of ombre in design is ‘to shade’ which is why we keep seeing it in many different ways. From fabrics to cushions, rugs and bedding and in many styles on lampshades, artworks and furniture - ombre is something that you can try on walls (as wallpaper) or something that can be greatly coordinated to complement the wall colors using a mix of plains and prints.

Updating your office, flat or room this season can be very fun - all thanks to these interior design trends. So, are you ready to make most of them?

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